What changed?

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What changed?

Post by hberdan »

Graphics on the site no longer load in any browser on my computer, and I cannot even load the website on my computer at work, it refuses to display, and I get an error message telling me there is no connection.
Anyone else, or is this configured to only operate in a specific browser version? I run IE 9.
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Re: What changed?


I an clueless, but evverthang shows up for me - I will post how I got the avatar to work again in a while.
I have Windows 7 Home Premium and Explorer 9.
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Re: What changed?

Post by Petros »

I am using mozzilla Firefox and have no problem. perhaps there was something that occured when the file server was migrated? can not imagine what, everything seems to work okay on my older XP desktop with firefox.
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Re: What changed?

Post by Neu »

The site should work in every browser, it's tested across 'em all. The server is now located in a London, UK based Linode.

Try pressing Windows Key + R, typing cmd to open a command prompt. Then running the command 'ping tercel4wd.com' without the ' ' around it. If you can do that then you can connect. If not, you're having issues at either a DNS level or a basic connectivity level.

Next try the same (open cmd) and type 'ping' without the ' '. If you can ping that then you can connect, so your browser must be having an issue.

Another thing to check, if it is your browser, are your connectivity settings. Malware and viruses LOVE to change your proxy settings in Internet Explorer (hence why it's not recommended to use). To figure that out just google "change proxy settings internet explorer 9" and you'll find it.
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