Can Something Be Done About These Spam Posts?

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Can Something Be Done About These Spam Posts?

Post by LowBuckCanuck »

Perhaps we need one of those "click if you are not a robot" thingies to make each post, because whatever security is in place now isn't working.
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Re: Can Something Be Done About These Spam Posts?

Post by Petros »

some how our normal spam protection has been defeated, it has gotten worse than normal recently. Too many are getting through putting a big work load on the moderators. the moderators usually catch them and delete them as the come up. but I was unable to check yesterday, or today. I typically delete 2 a day, sometimes more, and I know the other moderators are doing more than me.

When I delete the post, I also ban the address that posted it. some cleaver programmer has found a way to program a bot to defeat our security.

NEVER NEVER click on those links, they are not legitimate, likely you will down load malware or worse into your phone or computer.
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Re: Can Something Be Done About These Spam Posts?

Post by irowiki »

It's the "click if you are not a robot" thing that has been defeated... by real people making the post!


We just need more moderators. Working on it.
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