The wonder jack...

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The wonder jack...

Post by takza » Sat Jun 14, 2014 5:09 am

Finally decided to do something about my perpetual complaint that I spent more time getting a vehicle off the ground than working on it. Bought this... ... r-mr-title

Works pretty well...plugs into the cig lighter thingy. Has a pretty good range...sits low and extends pretty far. Drive train is a bit sloppy...but I took the cover off and added a good bit of axle grease.

Currently using it to install some tires on my truck...also using my trusty Chinese tire changer/exercise machine. Cleaning up and repainting the wheels after my dog pissed on them for 7 years...uric acid can do a lot of damage. First tire came off very easy...second tire...a different brand was a real bear...ended up using a sawzall to cut the bead cord....after I simply ran out of steam. (Figured out that when this tire was put on the rim...axle grease was used on the bead to seal acted like a glue...just couldn't get the tire off....though a tire changing machine wouldn't have much trouble.)

Still live up the road from the Dolly Llama...go down for tea now and then....when I'm not out racing yaks and stuff. Life goes on....
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