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by mungus
Tue May 19, 2020 5:04 pm
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Topic: Video references section
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Re: Video references section

Robert Walker has a series of Tercel mechanical repair videos on Youtube that are helpful.
Here are some of the titles:
->Toyota Tercel 4WD Wagon 3a Engine Headgasket Removal
->Toyota Tercel 4WD Manual Tranny Disassemble in 20 minutes
->Toyota Tercel 4WD Replace Timing Belt, Front Seals & Water Pump
by mungus
Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:11 pm
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Topic: 1983 Tercel 4WD SR5 Wagon | Overland Build
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Re: 1983 Tercel Wagon 4WD SR5 | My Worst/Best Decision of my Life?

One more vote for replacing everything that is designed to come in contact with the brake fluid. If you are rebuilding or replacing the rear wheel cylinders and rebuilding the front calipers, go ahead and replace all the hoses you have listed and the master cylinder too. The prices for the new parts...
by mungus
Tue Aug 14, 2018 8:22 pm
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Topic: Rear caliper.
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Re: Rear caliper.

This might be off topic somewhat but what is the correct type of brake fluid to use in these cars, type 3 or type 4? Mine is a 1987, and I recall having a 1985 Toyota truck that used type 4 fluid and assumed that would be correct for a 1987 Tercel. Thanks in advance for any advice.