1984 Tercel 4WD Auto

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1984 Tercel 4WD Auto

Postby irowiki » Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:54 am

Selling Pokey, our 1984 Automatic 4WD. This used to belong to tercel4wdrules, then Petros had it, then I bought it, then sold it to my dad for a backup for my sisters. Now he doesn't need it.

Unknown miles, cluster had been swapped before I bought it. I then swapped it two more times to a working SR5 cluster. It says 238k but that isn't accurate.

Not sure how the tires are, I'll post back.

Rebuilt engine, struts and shocks replaced, SR5 seats swapped in, brakes redone on all four hubs, will have to see what else was done by my dad while he's owned it.

AC not functional right now. was repainted at some point and they did a crap job, the clearcoat is gone, there's some rust spots. Rear defroster does not work (I suspect the wires in the hinge loom are bad)

I drove her the other day and damn, after the engine broke in she's pretty darn zippy!

$2,000 OBO - If you want good 13 inch tires on the sawblade alloy rims, add $500
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